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With the popularity of PlayStation game devices, more and more players create PSN (PlayStation Network) accounts, also called Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account, to enjoy their games freely. They can buy games and equipment through their PSN accounts. Also, their gaming processes, trophies, purchases, etc. are saved in their PlayStation Network accounts. So, this account is important to PS players.

Yet, some men with illegal purposes may hack your PSN account and steal what you have. You behave well and make use of some security actions to protect your SEN account from been attacked. However, there is still a chance that you will fail.

How to Tell That Your PSN Account Has been Hacked?
It is easy to find whether your game account has been hacked or not. If your account has been hacked, you may receive emails showing that you are placing orders in PlayStation Store, changing your online ID, changing your password, or even unbinding this email from your account. You may also find your game records changed, purchases sold, and so on.

Once you are defeated by hijacks, what should you do? Take action immediately and complete PSN account recovery, of course. Time is extremely important then. You have to stop your enemies before they create a further and larger loss for you. Since they are already at least one step ahead, you have to rush. Just follow the below guide to do account recovery PSN.

Step 1. Change PSN Password
First of all, you should change the password of PSN since your password is probably known to the hacker. It is the fact that the password is the most common security breach. Most importantly, if some of your other service accounts use the same password, you will lose more instead of just your PlayStation assets. Thus, it is of great importance to alter your password at once.

If the PlayStation Network account is another account, then you can’t recover a lost PlayStation Network account without the email or password. Here are the steps to reset the password for a lost PlayStation account:

Click the “Reset your password” link and enter your email address. Your email will receive a secure link to reset your password.

Then you can recover your PlayStation account with the new password.
That’s all about my answer. I hope you can solve your problem.

For more information you can go and check this link…

Step 2. Sony PlayStation Account Recovery
It is possible that you can’t log into your account for the hacker has already changed your account password. If so, you have to recover your PSN account. Click on Trouble Signing In on the login page. Next, select Reset your password and provide your email address for receiving a password reset link. Hope the hacker hasn’t unbound your email and you can successfully get your account back!

Step 3. Sign Out on All Devices
Once you successfully logged in to your PSN account, go to your profile and select Security in the left menu. Then, you will be brought to another page. There, click the Sign Out on All Devices button to sign out your PSN account on all the devices that have been used to log into your account.

Step 4. Set up 2-Step Verification
After you successfully complete PSN account recovery and prevent hackers from accessing your account, you need to do some further actions to build a firewall for securing your PSN account. For the security actions, the first choice is to set up the official 2-step verification.

To set up the security verification, make sure you have added your current phone number to your PSN account. If not, just link them up firstly. Then, click Edit in the 2-Step Verification column on the Security page mentioned above and enable your verification.

When the 2-step verification is enabled, every time you log into your SEN account, it will send a verification code to your phone. So, just keep the phone number you link to your account up-to-date in case you can’t access your PSN account.

Additionally, you may unlink the social accounts you link to your PSN account (Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, etc.). To connect your account to some frequently used SNS (social network service) accounts enables you to share your achievements easily. Yet, it also increases the chance of been discovered by hackers and it is more likely to be hacked with more entrances.

PSN Account Recovery Without Email
Just as described in the above content, to restore your PSN account, you should have access to your account ID (email address linked to your account) to receive the password reset link. Yet, if you forget the email you have used for PSN, how to recover your PSN account?

PlayStation Account Recovery Without Email
In such a situation, you may take a look at the service accounts (Epic Games, EA, Twitch, Discord, Ubisoft club, etc.) linked to your PSN account. The email you used on those accounts may also be the one that you used on your PSN.

Or, just try all the email addresses you have used in the past.

If you don’t have access to the registered email anymore for some reason like you have completely deleted it, you have to contact PlayStation and ask for help from them. You should provide as much information (not privacy) as you can about your account to them, like your online ID (username), gender, language, residential address, the birth of date, PSN account recovery phone number, your purchases, systems the account was accessed on, etc.


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