How to Get Unlimited Followers on Instagram, A Quick Look

7 min readAug 28, 2020

Not sure if you’ve deliberately asked this question or you’re really unaware of how Instagram works.

Get Unlimited Followers on Instagram

get unlimited followers on Instagram

But still let me tell you, how you can gain 10k followers in 5 minutes. It’s actually possible.

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Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Figure out what interests you. It can be what you like doing or something you’ve been doing for ages.
  2. Figure out who your target audience is. If you are targeting everyone, you’ve got some serious misunderstanding in the basics. Everyone cannot be your target audience.
  3. Define the “Why” you’re doing this. Why you want to get in front of people & change the course of their mindset? Why should they listen to you? Why should they even know you exist?
  4. Find a place where you can put your skills to test. Choose to go public that’s where the magic happens.
  5. Find people who’ve mastered what you’re already doing. Learn from them. You will commit a lot of mistakes. Revisit those mistakes & figure out what went wrong.
  6. It will takes years for you to realize that what you’ve been doing was wrong. And now figure out a way to do it right also keep sharing what when wrong with people who’re at a stage where you were years ago.
  7. You will have to go through a lot and lots of failures. Be prepared to stomach all those failures. Don’t worry, you can monetize failures too.
  8. Help them with problems that you had when you started out. To charge or not is your choice.
  9. Dig into the details. The devil is in the details. Figure out what different you provide? How is it different from those who’re already in the space.
  10. Think of a strategy to get in front of the right people. Not everyone is a social media worm. Some prefer emails, some prefer videos or audio. Create a workflow that takes you in front of the right people, on the right platform at the right time.
  11. Think of a way to become the talk of the town. Leave people talking about you in their network. This will build the word of mouth marketing for you. You can also pay referrals to them. Works like a charm.
  12. Spend time & money on retaining the audience you’ve built along the way. Retaining a users is 7x less expensive than acquiring one.
  13. Engage with the community. Follow the industry leaders. Teach what you know without expecting anything in return, but when someone needs special time of yours, charge a bomb of money.

Repeat these steps until you’ve reached at least 2–3 million people. Also, perform these steps outside of Instagram.

When you feel you have enough authority & attention, announce your arrival on Instagram. I’m 100% sure you will have more than 10k followers in less than 5 minutes.

If you read this far expecting some secret tips that can get you 10k followers? Then I’m sorry to disappoint you, there’s any way (other than what I mentioned above) to get 10k followers in 5 minutes.

You can even create an Instagram account in 5 minutes, let alone get 10k followers. Especially when you’re no one.

Now that you’re attentive to learn real things. Here’s the deal. You need 10k followers? I can get you 100k or even a million. But along with 13 things I shared earlier, I want you to have patience. It’s a priceless thing that probably very few people have.

Trust yourself for 5 years with all the creative ideas you have. Talk to me after creating content for 5 years without a single day of break. Maybe I’ll get to learn things from your experience.

Oh! Wait. You can actually get 10k followers. Simply look out to people who sell followers, throw money on their faces & buy followers (who’re actually bots) & enjoy absolute pin drop silence & inactive group of 10k bots. Who might even unfollow you after sometime.

Lastly, instead of planning to get 10k followers, plan & create 10k pieces of content. You’ll grow exponentially & get more than just 10k followers.

I’m sorry to mock your attention, but I wanted to clear some air around this.

If you think you’ve found value & have triggered some doubts, shoot a DM on Instagram. Don’t forget to upvote so that I can reach more people & help them clear this misunderstanding about growth on Instagram.

I hope I’ve added some value to your time, if not you wouldn’t be reading this line.

“Patience, persistence, working smart, loyalty, kind, be yourself and most important taking steps”. Let me explain it one by one to help you understand my view and opinion towards this question, “How do you get 10K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?”.


There are lot of easy way to get more followers in Instagram. One of it is, by paying other to bring traffic to your page. It is easy way to grow your followers. But, my question is, “Do you able to love and travel with the journey of growing your followers by your own effort?”. Patience pay great role to help you move a step ahead from the day before. The process of getting to know and experience the process to grow your followers is most worthy than anything. By doing so, you are able to understand your followers needs and wants. It help you to get more followers easily in the future because you had the patience to learn by experiencing your process.

Remember, the person who you call as your beloved one relation, didn`t build up or made just in 5 minutes. It doesn`t take 1 day to be build. Your patience make your relation get more stronger because you are able to understand and know your partner very well by enjoying the process of building long lasting relationship by your OWN effort. Same goes here.


This is a must have character within you, if your goal is to grow more followers. The main reason for me to say so is, now days most of us get boredom very easily when we can`t see the result immediately. So, when most of us upload video`s or picture`s in Instagram, we hope it get more likes and comments. Every 5 minutes or more frequently we are seeing how many likes we get for our upload. When likes and comments didn`t came as been planned, then we get upset and get bored to upload on the next day.

If you want to succeed, you must be persistence to continue what you are doing even though some time you feel what you are doing is not making sense. As you go through your process with great persistence, you will be able to learn more thing through the journey. It makes you get more wiser.


Now days, the era of working hard is a old school story. Always work smart to achieve more in your life as you wanted. Here, in our world, everything is easy. Only the one who think smart are able to reach more things in life. The great examples are, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, QUORA, ALIBABA, UBER, and so on. We are using these platform for our daily use. But, the founders are making more wealth by our usage. FACEBOOK & TWITTER doesn`t own any contents in it. INSTAGRAM doesn`t own any camera. QUORA doesn`t own any questions or answers in it. ALIBABA doesn`t own any inventory. UBER doesn`t own any car. These founders think smart and they are really wealthy now.

So, do the same. With your patience and persistence, you are able to know what your followers wants. When you know that, then give them what they want ONLY. Your followers will follow you because they love your content. And your circle will be as the right and same minded people.


The last one is being yourself. By being yourself, you will have the right people with you because they know who you are. This is what we call, loyalty. The people who are with you are the loyal people to you. As you are being yourself, you must be kind with your loyal followers. Everyone in this world want to be treated in a greatest way. The first thing to do so is, by being kind to them. It will make them being known and been appreciated by you. All the things that I say is the process of taking step. You will get great progress, ONLY by taking steps. So, do as I have told you before this. Remember, I am just giving my view and opinion. If it suits and reasonable do follow it. If not, let we just be friends.

Here before I end my answer, I just want to say that instant gratification is the main reason for most of us suffer each day. The reason is, we are not able and don`t want to wait for the right thing to happen in great way. All we are thinking and doing is, rushing our self towards unknown destination. This the reason we are living and making our next generation to live a rat race life. To stop it, do change by thinking of what I have shared before this.

Always remember that, you are the greatest of the greatest of all time & I know it.

Always your greatest friend of all time,

All the best for your future.