In the PlayStation 4, should I use my PSN account I recovered or use a new account?

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PlayStation is a video game company that produces five home video game consoles, media center, an

internet service, a controller line, two handhelds, and a phone, as well as various publications. In 2013,

The PlayStation Network had over 103 million monthly active users, and in December 2019, it had

around 110 million registered members.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony,produces the PlayStation brand; the original

PlayStation console was released in Japan in December 1994, and worldwide the following year.

It consists of the PlayStation Store, an online virtual market that allows the purchase and

download games and other forms of multimedia, PlayStation Plus, a subscription based online service, and PlayStation Home, a social gaming networking service with

over 41 million users worldwide as of March 2015.

PlayStation Mobile (formerly known as PlayStation Suite) is a software framework that allows PlayStation content to be accessed on mobile devices. Version 1.xx is compatible with both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV, as well as some Android-based devices, whereas version 2.00, published in 2014, was exclusive for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. Currently, only original PlayStation titles are scheduled to be released within the system.


For security reasons, you may need to reset your PlayStation Network password from time to time. You’ll need to take a different strategy if you no longer have access to the email account you used to configure.

A. Reset your PlayStation Network (PSN) password

1. Select ‘Trouble Signing in?’ from the Account Management sign-in page. Enter your sign-in ID and reset your password (email address).

2. An email with a secure link will be issued to you. You have to take few minutes to verify through verification email that arrive. Go to click here for more information if you have not received it within 24 hours.

3. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to generate a new password by clicking the secure link, filling in the needed information, and saving it.

B. Change your account password

If you know your current password and sign-in ID (email address), follow the steps below to change the password.

  1. Sign in to Account Management.
  2. Select Security from the sidebar.
  3. Click Edit next to Password to change your password.
  4. Click Save to confirm your changes. Now sign up to your account using your new PSN password easily.

C. If your PlayStation Network account is a child account

your family manager can reset the password for you even if you don’t have an email address or a password.

D. PSN Password Reset Without Email

There are now two methods for resetting your PSN password. One is through your PS4 and the other is through the official PlayStation website’s web browser. Both, however, necessitate your original email address and password.

If you only need to change your password, simply click reset and choose a new one. If you don’t know your email address or no longer have access to it, you’ll need to contact Sony.

The only other way to reset your PlayStation Network password is to contact customer support. That’s how they verify an identity, and ask security questions.

E. Third Party Application

You can use third party tool to recover your PSN account.

PSN Account Recovery Tool is available that can help you recover your PSN account either it is hacked, or lost, or any other problems. But you have to provide your Online ID in order to recover your PSN account.


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