[Updated June 2021]How to Recover PSN Account Easily With Username

3 min readJun 23, 2021



Launch in November 2006, PSN (PlayStation Network) is Sony’s digital media entertainment service. It mostly gets popular for its video game consoles.

PlayStation Network provides an excellent online service with a premium subscription for gaming and other social features such as movie streaming, rentals, and free purchases of PSN videos, music, cloud gaming. They are available in more than 100+ countries.

With a lot of users are engaged and love PSN, most of them have problems regarding their account recovery. So, they want to know how to recover their PSN account. Here we have a solution for it.

Any Easy Way to Recover PSN Account

There may be a reason that you lost your account and want to get it back. Here are some ways that can help you recover your PSN account. PSN recovery has become one of the toughest problems, especially for online game players.

The question that arises is whether you have your PSN Email account or forgot the PSN email-id. If you have your email id, it will be easier. We have provided both ways through which you can recover your PSN account.

With Email Address, Your PSN Recovery (Updated 2021)

1. Click on the Trouble signing in option on your log-in sheet. When you are there, go for resetting your PSN password, Sony will ask for your email address and required more information regarding this.

Once the process is completed, you will be able to get back your PSN account.

Note: — You will receive a secure link that needs to be verified within 24 hours. If you didn’t get it, try it again after 24 hours. You will get an email notification for this link.

Recover PSN without an Email address (Updated 2021)

Two Methods to recover your account without an email address.

1. Through PS4

It will ask for an email address and password. You only need to reset your PSN password. IF you don’t have this information, then you have to contact Sony.

2. PSN website’s web browser

You can contact customer support in order to reset your PlayStation Network password. You have to go through some security questions, and when you complete it, and provide answers perfectly. You will get back your PSN account.

Third-Party Application:-

You can use an external platform in order to recover your PSN account instantly. It will be asked for Sign-ID (Email address), or your username to start up. Once it starts working, then it will automatically connect to the PSN server and will start generating your account.

You have to go through some surveys which typically take few minutes.

Note: Using this third-party tool is at your own risk. We don’t bear any responsibility for this. They can really produce your account or may be used for promotional purposes.


So, what is the best solution for you to retrieve your PSN account? Don’t forget to comment on us in our comments section. If you have any suggestions, please don’t forget to share them. We will love to hear from you.